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The Plane Jar is a not-for-profit organization, officially registered under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act. In 2017, we started this organization with a vision to create a safer and more accessible place for all. We primarily work with cases of abuse, domestic violence, and mental health in Mumbai. We also provide aid to individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community.

How we started


The Plane Jar Welfare Foundation was founded by Esha Sridhar in 2017 as she began recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She wished for the organization to be a community of safety and a place that people can call home. She envisioned a platform where people of all identities and backgrounds have access to information about mental health and abuse while creating a safe space to share stories.

TPJ volunteering at Pride Parade Mumbai
Our training for prevention of child sexual abuse

Why we're called The Plane Jar

Just as some people write down happy or positive memories of their day and place it in a jar as way to calm themselves, our founder Esha Sridhar kept a 'Happy Jar'. This is where she wrote down positive and encouraging notes, along with her happy feelings and moments. She then folded these notes in the shape of a paper plane. She would pick a note or two on days when she was feeling blue, and reading those notes would instantly lighten her mood.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive mental health support and psycho-social legal aid to individuals belonging to all marginalized communities. It is rooted in the belief that every person, regardless of their background, deserves equitable access to the resources and services necessary for their mental well-being and legal empowerment. Our mission encompasses the following core principles: accessible mental health support, psycho-social-legal aid, community engagement and empowerment, and collaborative partnerships. Accessible mental health support aims to break down barriers and eliminate the stigma associated with mental health within marginalized communities. Psycho-social-legal aid helps individuals understand their legal rights and navigate the complex legal system.

Our workshop on comfortable/uncomfortable touch and online safety
TPJ volunteering at Pride Parade Mumbai
 How we help

We strive to create an inclusive environment, offering psycho-social-legal aid services. Our Mental Health Aid includes a Support Group, Buddy System, and a resource directory of professionals and helplines. Our approach is tailored to address individual concerns and accommodate different preferences for seeking help. We go beyond clinical psychology, providing personalized aid based on the individual's needs and experiences. We provide financial assistance for therapy and medications along with certain shelter home accommodations



Our Collaborations

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