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The Plane Jar is a registered not-for- profit organisation under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

We primarily work with cases of child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and mental health in Mumbai. We also provide aid to members of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Safe Space is our support group, which began in 2018, with the intention and reason to build a non- judgmental, accepting space for all folks. It is led by a therapist and assisted by a Primary Respondent. 


Primary Respondent of Abuse is the certification awarded after one completes our flagship training C.A.A.S.A. (Child Abuse Awareness and Survivors’ Assistance). The training program is conducted by trainers on the themes of Gender Sensitization, Abuse and Trauma, and Mental Health. Passing the test after the training enables you to work as a Primary Respondent or a Buddy under Plane Jar Welfare Foundation. 


The Buddy System is a free service where the buddy aids individuals to share whatever is on their mind in a non- judgmental, confidential and accepting space. 


We also conduct workshops on Trauma, Abuse, Socio- legal aid, and Gender Sensitization. 


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Awareness Campaigns

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''Thank you for being there for me and sooo many people and doing the incredible work that you do. you truly are selfless and thank you for everything that you do for me''

''I'm happy about finally going to someone but at the same time I'm nervous and idk how it'll be
But I'm kinda relieved
 And that's cause of you''

''I really mean it.. U didn't just come as a social worker. you're my friend and I'm forever grateful. I've wanted to do this 10 years and now its done thanks to you''

''Because of you, I feel so much better. I'm not kidding, its like magic''


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Our Collaborations

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