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Primary Respondents

Social Workers


With a strong belief to foster a community that is all-inclusive and provides psycho-social-legal aid to those who need it, The Plane Jar started its Social Workers service. Through this service, we take up cases of abuse of all kinds. Our Child Abuse Awareness and Survivors Assistance programme (C.A.A.S.A) trains and certifies people to become Primary Respondents and equips them with required psycho-legal skills. Our professionals have a background and experience in criminology and psychology and are qualified to write and file FIRs. We understand that it could get difficult and overwhelming to access help. Hence, we make sure to provide you with all types of resources, as per your need.


What we provide-

1) Help with POCSO and DV cases

2) Relocating people to safer shelter homes

3) Assist people with their job search.

4) Assessing client's needs and assigning buddies and/or social workers to them.

5) Help in finding psychologists, psychiatrists and other socio-legalities.


Based on the requirements of the case and the client's needs, we create a plan that provides them with all the resources. We are here to assist in every capacity.

If you or someone you know needs assistance, contact us with the link below. We will get back to you shortly.


Buddy System


At The Plane Jar, we understand the significance of support that one needs when going through difficulties. We believe that everybody should have a support system. Keeping this in mind, TPJ started the service of Buddy System- an initiative in which we assign trained professionals (or buddies) to those who need someone to help them in times of need.


Trained buddies-

1) Help in handling anxiety and panic attacks.

2)Help people that may have suicidal tendencies or engage in activities to prevent self-harm.

3) Keep all information strictly confidential.

4) Be the emotional support one needs, especially when feeling overwhelmed.


You can feel free to text, email or call them whenever you need a buddy to be there for you. We assure you they will help you feel less overwhelmed and more supported.

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