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Our counseling services cater to people in three different ways:

Janaki Subramanian is our psychologist onboard at The Plane Jar Welfare Foundation. Her primary aim is to destigmatize mental health and encourage folks to seek aid by spreading awareness and initiating dialogue. As a therapist, she  follows an eclectic, queer-affirmative, client-centred approach to create unique therapy plans based on the needs of each client.

We also help people get connected to therapists, psychiatrists, counselors for specific concerns. The therapists on our directory are trauma informed, queer affirmative and are verified professionals who offer sliding scales. We hope to make the process of therapy very safe and easy for you because we know it can be overwhelming.

We understand that taking care of our Mental Health by having regular sessions with a therapist can be steep which is why we aim to provide aid and support to folks who are unable to afford therapy. Our primary responsibility as an organisation is to use our funds for providing support to all those who require it. 

We do have a criteria for funding therapy every month and we revise it as and when we feel it is necessary.

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