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The Plane Jar conducts diverse workshops in areas of mental health, abuse, trauma, suicide/self-harm and gender sensitization. These workshops are based on curated modules and they are conducted in a way that allows participants to share their experiences and opinions. We offer workshops for organizations and institutions, with flexible durations and personalized modules based on their needs.

Workshops conducted include:

  1. Suicide and Self-harm

  2. Abuse (types, symptoms, indicators, grounding/validation techniques, survivor communication, legal aspects)

  3. Trauma's physiological impacts

  4. Intersectionality and Privilege

  5. Codependency and Parentification

  6. Red flags and Green flags in relationships

  7. Addiction and Substance abuse

  8. Mental health disorders related to trauma (PTSD, CPTSD, BPD, Anxiety, Dissociation)

  9. Boundary settings, trust-building, survivor interaction, self-care, managing emotional reactions

  10. Gender, Sex and Sexuality

  11. Sexual health (consent, types of abuse, impact, survivor support)

  12. Self-care for social workers

  13. Comfortable and Uncomfortable touch

  14. Interacting with individuals who have engaged in self-harm or attempted suicide

  15. Narcissistic parents and Narcissistic Abuse

  16. Socio-legal sessions on POCSO, DV, JJ Act, approaching law enforcement, filing FIRs, etc.

All workshops require a minimal registration fee. Thee Plane Jar is dedicated to providing valuable workshops that promote awareness and equip participants with knowledge and skills to address these important issues. To learn about the utilization of the workshop proceeds, click here.

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