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We conduct a range of workshops related to mental health, sexual abuse, sexual orientation (gender, sex and sexuality), and suicide and self-harm, to name a few. These workshops are based on curated modules and bring a group of people together, creating a safe space for the participants to share their perceptions, opinions, experiences, etc.


We also conduct workshops for organizations and institutions, with a flexible duration of hours, and the curated modules can be personalized according to the intensity of the audience.


Mentioned below is a list of workshops we’ve conducted - 


1. Suicide and self-harm

2. Abuse (it’s types, symptoms, indicators, grounding techniques, validation techniques, how to

talk to a survivor, laws involved)

3. Trauma and its impacts on the physiology

4. Intersectionality and Privilege

5. Codependency and Parentification

7. Red flags and green flags in a relationship

8. Addiction and substance abuse

9. Mental health disorders related to trauma (PTSD, CPTSD, BPD, Anxiety,


10. Boundary settings, how to build trust, grounding techniques, interaction with

survivors, self-care, dealing with the emotional reaction of survivors

12. Gender, Sex, Sexuality sensitization

13. Sexual health (consent, sexual abuse, different types, the impact of abuse, dealing with

emotional reactions of survivors, how to interact with survivors)

14. Self-care for social workers

15. Comfortable and uncomfortable touch with children, teaching them what to do in

situations where they are in danger

16. How to interact with survivors 

17. How to interact with people who have self-harmed or attempted suicide

18. Borderline Personality Disorder

19. Narcissistic parents

20. Socio-legal sessions on POCSO, DV, JJ Act, how to approach cops, how to file an FIR, DIR, FIR, etc

All our workshops have a minimal fee for registration, and to know where the proceeds collected are used,

click here.

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