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About the Course

Child Abuse Awareness and Survivors Assistance (CAASA) is an online first aid training program to become Certified Primary Responders of Abuse. Through this workshop, you will gain knowledge and skills for psycho-socio-legal assistance or aid for survivors of abuse and individuals going through emotional distress.

The outline of the training is as follows:

-Gender Sensitization and Intersectionality
-Abuse awareness, learn about the signs, symptoms, indicators of abuse. Why a survivor may not open up and how we can be of assistance
-Trauma- learn about how trauma stays within us, how it affects our bodies and mind. How can we identify the symptoms
-Socio-legalities: DV, POCSO ACT, How to file an FIR, Non cognizable report, etc
-Socio-legalities: Policing procedures, social work interventions, interviewing a survivor, how to help in a crisis, etc.
-Suicide and Self Harm:Signs, Alternative strategies, what to do in an immediate crisis
-How to interact with survivors: How to handle first disclosures, Do’s and Don’ts of interaction, how to build trust, Grounding and validation techniques, etc.

Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a participation certificate. Individuals passing the evaluation will be able to work as a respondent and social worker, within the capacity of our organization.

Medium of conduct


C.A.A.S.A - Child Abuse Awareness and Survivors Assistance



5000 /- 
(sliding scale 

35 hours


17/18th - 24/25th September