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About Us

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How we started

Plane Jar Welfare Foundation was founded by Esha Sridhar in 2017 after she began recovering from her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-P.T.S.D., Anxiety, etc because of the past physical trauma she had faced in her life. She' wished for The Plane Jar to be a community of safety and place that people can call home. She envisioned the platform  to be a safe space where people of all identities and backgrounds can learn more about abuse and share their stories.

Why we're called The Plane Jar

One of our most asked questions is, why are we called 'The Plane Jar', and we're here to tell you that.

Sometimes, as a form of calming oneself, people write down happy memories or one thing that made them laugh that day and make a jar full of those happy feelings. Our founder, Esha Sridhar, kept a similar jar as her 'happy jar' where she wrote positive and encouraging notes, along with her happy feelings and moments, and folded these notes in the shape of a paper plane. She would pick a note or two if she was feeling blue, and reading the notes would instantly lighten up her mood.

How we help

We look to create an environment that the world otherwise would not have provided for us. The services we provide are the buddy system, legal aid, support group, and a resource directory of mental health professionals, psychiatrists, shelter homes, chat lines and helplines, most of which we are in contact with. All of these resources are created to help individuals in any and every way possible. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of seeking psychological aid/professional help. Thus, to help people in the interim or to help individuals who are not looking for professional aid itself, we have a support group and pre counsellors on our team, to help them get acquainted with the idea or just offer a listening ear. The Plane Jar also looks to move beyond a clinical approach to psychology. We do believe that individuals cannot be helped on a pre-set method. Every solution that we provide to our clients is based on their needs. The counsellors that we have on board look to move past their textbooks to ensure that the client is receiving the help that they truly deserve. We also do provide financial aid for those in need, by funding their therapy or get the medications prescribed by a psychiatrist. We also help individuals get a job and shelter, even on an emergency basis.

Our Team

Our Advisors

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